Auger Cast Piling

Wagman has expanded service offerings to include self-performing auger cast/continuous flight auger piles.

Wagman is excited to offer more comprehensive services and provide the best and most cost effective solutions to our clients.

Auger cast piles provide numerous benefits to conventional deep foundations, including reductions to cost, installation time, vibration and noise.

Auger cast piles are constructed by drilling a continuous flight, hollow-shaft auger into the ground to a specified depth. Then, high strength grout is injected through the hollow shaft as the auger is being extracted. If required, reinforcement is inserted to complete the pile installation. This process allows for a continuous pile without an open hole. We can achieve higher capacities at shorter depths.

Wagman Geotechnical Services Postcard

Wagman Geotechnical Services expands with Auger Cast Piling

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Auger Cast Piling