Auger Cast Piling

Wagman has expanded service offerings to include self-performing auger cast/continuous flight auger piles.

Wagman Auger Cast Load TestAuger Cast Load Test

Wagman Auger Cast Drill with 16' AugerAuger Cast Drill with 16' Auger

Wagman is excited to offer more comprehensive services and provide the best and most cost effective solutions to our clients.

Auger cast piles provide numerous benefits to conventional deep foundations, including reductions to cost, installation time, vibration and noise. These are especially effective in sandy, silty soils with low cohesiveness and are designed for sands and clays. They’re commonly used for parking garages and office buildings and serve as an alternative to driven pile.

Auger cast piles are constructed by drilling a continuous flight, hollow-shaft auger into the ground to a specified depth. Then, high strength grout is injected through the hollow shaft as the auger is being extracted. If required, reinforcement is inserted to complete the pile installation. This allows for greater load capacity at shorter depths.

Wagman Full Auger Cast Drilling OperationFull Auger Cast Drilling Operation

Wagman Low Mobility (Compaction) GroutingLow Mobility Grouting

Low Mobility (Compaction) Grouting (LMG) is a ground improvement technique offered by Wagman. With this process, a low-slump, cementitious material (grout) is injected under high pressure. The material is designed to not travel far from the injection point, but rather densify and displace soft or loose soils. It is also used to fill voids, seal openings, and seal top of rock surfaces. LMG is particularly useful in karst geology, to fix sinkholes, and sometimes in mine subsidence.

LMG is typically installed on a grid pattern, in a bottom-up sequence. Grout casing is installed to the design depth. Then as grout is injected, casing is pulled in stages until the entire height is treated. It is often specified as pre-treatment of an area prior to construction. Wagman can help design the grid spacing, grout injection termination criteria, and mix design based on the subsurface conditions and the requirements of the proposed construction.

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