Diakon Lutheran Social Services - Luther Crest

Location Allentown, PA

Owner Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries

Architect Stewart & Conners Architects, PLLC

Key Challenges & Project Details

Commons Building

  • Renovations to commons building, including lobby, kitchen and formal dining room.
  • Total roof replacement requiring detailed phasing of work to keep existing operations functional.

Wellness Center

  • New construction of 10,000 SF wellness center connected to existing commons building being renovated simultaneously.
  • “Green” structural and design elements incorporated into construction.
  • Amenities include swimming pool, arts & crafts room, fitness center, clinic and massage therapy.

Independent Living Apartments

  • Multi-year renovation of apartments and corridors in three 3-story buildings.
  • Work is phased for performance in occupied areas.
  • New 3-story, 14-unit apartment building.